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GOOD Night Image With Quotes

The dream is not what we see falling asleep, The dream is that which does not let us sleep.

If my eyes shut up, I will see your face in dreams. waiting will start again in the morning, at least the night will be cut with happiness. If you work for happiness, you will not get happiness, but if you work happy then you will definitely get happiness. Good Night

” I M P O S S I B L E”
Look closely, he himself says
” I’m Possible “
Just change the perspective and
Make the impossible possible
“It’s been too aged to be sad,
“Look at life in front of you.

The gardener waters the plants every day
But fruits come only in season
That’s why be patient in life
Everything will be on its own time
Work better every day
You get the result
it will definitely get you on time
Pray to god be happy forever.

A person in the field can win once but a loser of the mind can never win.

It is good if you do not keep anything in your heart
It is good if you do not have any bad thoughts before sleeping.

Which thing should become last in life,
And don’t know which one last visit,
So sleep every night remembering everyone,
Because don’t know which night will become the last.

The moon has scattered the moonlight, the stars have decorated the sky, to say Good Night to you, look, an angel has come from heaven… Good Night .. !!

You will have to write your fortune yourself, it is not a letter that you make others write.

Moonlight of this night decorate your courtyard,
These twinkling stars hum some in your ears,
You have such sweet dreams in your sleep,
That you smile in your sleep as well.

Fear of sugar… has increased so much… not only sweet food… has stopped speaking sweet… Good Night

A man cannot spoil anything by being jealous of someone but loses his sleep and happiness

Do not give the gift of the night to the night, do not give the gift of the flower to the flower, we can also give you the moon to give, but do not give the gift of the moon to the moon

Here’s hoping that the angels take care of you while dreaming and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool. If it is too cold, your blankets may heat up as you go on a gentle rest.

You always smell like flowers,
You always shine like stars.

It has been a long Night sleep now, who is close to the heart, be lost in his thoughts, someone must be waiting for you, in reality, or in true dreams.

There is a bit of noise in the heart, the heart is getting bored without SMS, where is that dear friend who is sleeping without saying …good night

We will bear the sorrow of your separation, your place is not in my heart, in my breath place. whether I will sleep or not, but you sleep peacefully, so Good Night to you

Some are proud of wealth, some are proud of fame, one who gets our message, he is proud of fortune.


If you fall asleep then my dream will come, a sweet smile will come on your face, open the doors of the heart to sleep, or else you tell me where is your dream will come from

Night comes for us to sleep, we are not able to sleep and the night falls asleep, we have heard this voice from the heart, today remembering a friend, comes daily at night.

The day is over, it is night. Today it’s done, through the night what is done, embrace your dreams. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

Wherever you are, there should be the blessings of my prayers, be it the city, whether it is a village, there is no sorrow in your eyes, it is our blessing that your happiness should never be less

Keep smelling like flowers, shining like stars, this life has been achieved by luck, laugh yourself and laugh at others.

Every night you have lights all around,
And every night someone is going to say Good Night to you.

Do not understand this that I was sleeping in peace, weeping all night after seeing your picture at night.

I wish I were a moon and you star
We would have a house in the sky,
This world would see you from a distance,
And it was only our right to look closely.

The stars have been sent to make you sleep, the moon has come to tell you the lullaby, sleep in sweet dreams, you will send the morning sun to wake you up.

The way the moon gives you the moonlight,
And the flower blossoms and gives fragrance,
In the same way, my heart calls you Good Night.

In this sweet night, before sweet sleep, in the hope of sweetest dreams, dear ones from my side …. Good Night

Sleeping early and waking up early makes a person healthy, prosperous and intelligent!

God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest … It does not show everything at once … but gives enough light to secure the next stage. Good Night!

There is something that is big, hot and fuzzy. Before you get a lot of ideas, you should know that this is a Good Night hug that I sent for you!

Good Night Images With Quotes

No one is higher than the sky, no one is deeper than the ocean, although I love all my friends, But no one is lovely than you!

The power of “pride” also makes the angels “devil”, and
“Humility” also makes an ordinary person an “angel”.

It is fun to be strong when the whole world is bent on weakening.
The ability has increased so much that you will not try to defeat

There is night
Turn off the light
Catch flight of dreams
Have a sweet dream and Good Night!

Every day I’m waiting, every day this heart is empty, I wish you could understand that even those who remain silent love someone


Someone said, just keep this style of living, ignore that think what you don’t like.

How strange is the loneliness in me, thousands are mine, but I remember only you …

every difficult question in life,
Life is the solution.


Stay in the world and lost in dreams;
Make someone your own or become someone
Don’t worry if nothing happens
Take a sheet-pillow and go to sleep


It is night, the cold wind blows,
Someone’s smile is blossoming in your memory,
Get lost in their dream world,
Close your eyes and sleep comfortably…
Good Night!!!


Let the golden memories live on every way of life,
Let the sweetness be on the tongue all the time,
This is the way to live,
Do not be sad and do not let anyone sad…
Good Night !!


Night comes with stars;
Sleep with dreams
We pray that morning comes;
Happiness for you. Good Night!

There is plenty of cold air going on.
I am seeing someone’s smile in your memory.
lost in the world of their dreams.
Close your eyes and go to sleep comfortably.


Respect and praise are not sought, they are earned.

Try that every moment of life goes well with everyone on your side,
Because life does not last, but good memories always live, always smile

An angel comes slowly in the night,
An angel brings dreams of some happiness,
It says to sink into the ocean of dreams,
Now forget all the pain…


Now it’s Black Night,
Now also turn off White White Light,
Catch the Sweet Sweet Dream Flight,
Oh, My Lovely Dear Good Night…
Sweet Dreams!

1 drop of rain will make you happy ..
2 drops Laugh ..
3 drops give health ..
4 drops give success
5 drops
That’s it otherwise … it will be cold ..


Swami Vivekananda says…
“Whether you like me or hate me, both are in my favor.”
“Because if you like me, I am in your heart, and if you hate me, I am in your mind !!”
“But I’ll Stay With You”


Hundreds of intelligent people meet,
The people of work get few.
When there are problems
Then except ‘God’
Everyone’s doors get closed. Good Night


A resolved person is one who makes his own decisions and does not blame anyone else for the outcome of those decisions.

The traveler please pay attention,
Has arrived on the platform,
Request from sweet passengers to sleep… G-N-S-D “


Before it happens,
Why not have a meeting
Do a cute little message from your mobile,
So that there is no noise and talk!
Good Night!

Head hanging on the fan
The soul looking at you through the window,
The witch sitting under the bed,
Beheaded corpse behind the screen,
Don’t pay attention to all of these… sleep comfortably…!

If someone breaks, learn to heal it,
If someone is angry, learn to persuade him…
Relationships meet with fate,
Just learn to play them beautifully.

You also have light every night,
Everyone’s going to love you,
Time will pass with the help of their memories,
Someone like this to decorate your dreams…!
Good Night!!

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